The Yellen-Schoverling Award was instituted in 1983 by The University of Texas Orthodontic Alumni Association to honor an individual who has made a significant contribution to the UTHealth at Houston School of Dentistry’s Department of Orthodontics. Recognizing Dr. Milton Yellen and Dr. William J. (Dub) Schoverling’s further contributions, this award honors an individual that has contributed greatly to the benefit of The UTHealth at Houston School of Dentistry’s Department of Orthodontics, its Alumni Association, and the profession of orthodontics.

The founder of the department, Dr. Albert P. Westfall, hired Dr. Milton Yellen and Dr. Dub Schoverling to assist him in designing the original curriculum and clinical program for postdoctoral education. Our department owes a debt of gratitude to these two talented, kind, and energetic men.

Drs. Yellen and Schoverling were graduates of the Texas Dental College in Houston. They received their orthodontic education at the University of Washington Orthodontic Program (Seattle) graduating in 1951 and 1952, respectively.

Each also had private practice in Houston, Texas in addition to their teaching responsibilities. Dr. Yellen passed away 1983 and shortly after in 1985 Dr. Schoverling passed away.


“The Yellen-Schoverling Award is given each year by the University of Texas Orthodontic Alumni Association to honor the person who reflects the qualities and character of those men after whom the award is named and strives to carry on the ideals that were evident in their lives.The person who receives this award –

  1. offers continuing commitment toward, and contributions to, enhance excellence in orthodontics, through example and teaching;
  2. contributes to his/her respective community;
  3. and is involved with and supports the University of Texas Orthodontic Alumni Association.”

Past recipients:

1984 – Dr. Dan C. West

1985 – Dr. Tom B. King

1986 – Dr. Elwood L. Mooney

1987 – Dr. Moody Alexander

1988 – Dr. Bonham Magness

1989 – Dr. O.B. Vaughan

1990 – Dr. Richard Ressling

1991 – Dr. Jim Bob Barkley

1992 – Dr. Don Mayer

1993 – Dr. Bill Milligan

1994 – Dr. Stan Ault

1995 – Dr. Fred Garrett

1996 – Dr. R.G. “Wick” Alexander

1997 – Dr. Robert W. Magness

1998 – Dr. Bud Belanger

1999 – Dr. Mel DeSoto

2000 – Dr. David Turner

2001 – Dr. Ron Tietz

2002 – Dr. Sam Winkelmann

2003 – Dr. Carroll Sherman

2004 – Dr. Robert Minkoff

2005 – Dr. John Corbett

2006 – Dr. Jeryl English

2007 – Dr. Robert Orr

2008 – Dr. Ron Gallerano

2009 – Dr. Larry Tadlock

2010 – Dr. Buddy Kastrop

2011 – Dr. Hank Bussa

2012 – Dr. Philip Corbin

2013 – Dr. John St. Clair

2014 – Dr. Elizabeth Long

2015 -Dr. Carl Gullick

2016 – Dr. Ana Salas Lopez

2017 – Dr. Randy Ellis

2018 - Dr. Clark Colville

2019 - Not Awarded

2020 - Dr. Mike Chaffee

2021 - Dr. John Wise

2022 - Dr. F. Kurtis Kasper, PhD